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Have you ever done Pilates? If so, what kind? was it a group class or private? Did you do the Mat, Reformer class, or Tower? Unfortunately, although Pilates is everywhere these days, many parts are missing. And unless you've tried it all and done it in a properly constructed workout, you're missing out on the most critical identifying element of the method: the idea and practice of Pilates as a complete system.

Privately for 55 minutes 

London location only

Customised session plans using the full range of apparatus.  Cadillac, Reformer, Barrels, Chairs, accessories Magic Circle, Weights, Bars, and others.

Group Class - 45 minutes 

London Location only

Doing it together can be great fun and still very effective. So far: Mums & Babies, Basic & Intermediate, and After-Work are on.

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