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Comprehensive Teacher Training (CTT)

The Physio Pilates Clinic also offers a complete Comprehensive Teacher Training (CTT) and Continuous Education, Improvement, and Updating Courses, plus Supervision and Career Mentoring Program. To create professionals with greater understanding, effectiveness, and safety knowledge in applying the method developed by Joseph Pilates.

Aula de Pilates sobre reformadores

Danile will share more than 20 years of knowledge and experience she has in both fields, Pilates and Physiotherapy. This way, the CTT will equip you with the same knowledge and confidence to teach, regardless of health or not. In addition to that, we support you if you want to embrace the joy of running your Own Physio Pilates Clinic anywhere in the world. You will grasp the entire business side of our program to have a successful journey.


It follows the traditional approach and is 100% in person. However, online options are available for those who would prefer.


Today, many training providers offer separate courses for each piece of equipment. Danile, on the other hand, knowing the absolute value of the method, continue the tradition of teaching Pilates as a system.


It's essential to understand each piece of equipment and its inter-relation with the others. Hence, the whole system of teaching makes sense. That was the process Danile undertook and wants to offer you. It's crucial to understand the role of each piece of equipment within the system and be able to, for example, adapt Reformer footwork at a High Chair.


She will teach you the entire repertoire. Using all you develop the eye for each client's needs and the essential hands-on skills for intelligently and teaching Pilates.

The Comprehensive Teacher Training includes the Mat work and the following equipment:




High Chair

Wunda Chair

 Arm Chair

Ladder Barrel

Spine Corrector

Arc Barrel

Pedi Pole

Foot Corrector

Toe Corrector

Bean Bag

Neck Stretcher

Magic Circle

Weighted Pole

Hand Weight

After registering, each student will have an in-person meeting with Danile and Leandro Marcondes, so we get to know each other before starting the course. Feel free to send any remaining questions you would like us to answer on that day. Make sure you bring your gym suit to have your Complimentary Full Postural Assessment to begin your journey knowing your way.



When and where?


November 2022, in London.


For more information, please email

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