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Prática de Pilates no estúdio

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Pilates is defined as: "the life-changing on every level."

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What is Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise designed to strengthen muscles while stretching, improving postural alignment and balance.


It is a mixture of strengthening exercises with the many hundreds of moves concentrating on muscle development in the body, emphasizing core strength.


This technique helps not only to improve general fitness but overall well-being.

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How Pilates Helps You for Real

It gives you balance

A study assessed on the effect of Pilates exercises on balance and fall concluded that Pilates training affected the participants’ balance by improving LOS and reducing fall risk.

Strenghtens pelvic floor muscles

Pilates teaches you to activate your pelvic floor muscles prior to and during exercises, it also aid us in building up our pelvic floor by minimising strain.

Prevent Injuries in Atletes

Pilates helps prevent injuries by keeping the muscles in balance, strengthening your core and – perhaps most importantly – enhancing your body awareness, coordination and mental concentration.

Improves your posture

Pilates helps to engage the deep core muscles – the abdominals, back and pelvic floor – which enables you to relax your shoulders and neck and alleviate pressure on your hips, legs and feet, in turn, improving your posture.

Diminishes stress and anxiety

Eases pain

Pilates decreases stress, helps you unwind and can lower your heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Patients with chronic low back pain showed  significant improvement in pain relief and functional ability compared to patients who only performed usual or routine health care

Who recomends Pilates

"When I go to Danile, I feel like I am going to a wellness school. She is a miracle worker — she concentrates on fixing the root of the problem, not just the symptoms."


Great to see you yesterday too. My body needs you!!! I always feel great and refreshed/energised after our Pilates.



Great to see you yesterday too. My body needs you!!! I always feel great and refreshed/energised after our Pilates.



"She created a unique approach for my specific needs. As a result, I became much more confident and even happier."



“Pilates is the only exercise program that has changed my body AND made me feel truly great.”


Jamie-Lee Curtis

Who will be your trainer

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I am Danili Marcondes, I have been teaching Pilates in different studios since 2006

and I am the creator of The Authentic Pilates Studio.


After selling that business in 2017, I decided to take a couple of Sabbatical years,

which only ended in September 2021 due to the Pandemic!


Seeing the need to raise awareness about a healthier lifestyle, I started another

unique health boutique in SW London, the Physio Pilates Clinic.

Book Your Trial Class Now

Either if you are a Pilates fan already or just curious about what Pilates

has to offer you,

you're welcome to join us.

Our Wandsworth Fringe Pilates Trial Class Event will be held at BBO Dance on Battersea Reach.


The perfect excuse you needed to enjoy the best of yourself.


Book your trial class now!

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