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Join the CLASSICAL PILATES movement!


group classes include various levels of exercise are available, allowing you to choose which one fits you best on the day. Equipment used can be the Magic Circle, Elastic Bands, Soft Balls, Weights and Pilates Bars to help you perform movements, to get the best results.



is a small group of people with similar challenges and goals. Equipment used can be the Reformer machine, the Cadillac, three different types of Pilates Chairs, four different barrels and more. 



is a private session for you and a good friend. You both choose when is convenient, and we will do our best to get the desired date & time saved for you. 



is a tailor-made, 1-to-1 session specially designed for your needs and goals. It’s 55 minutes of precision, flow, concentration, balance and centering of controlled movements.



Everyday is a good day to do Pilates! 


You won't believe how much you can save when you become a member. 


Average price per class:


Título 4

Minimum contract of  3 months only. Check our terms & conditions.


Price List
Aula de Pilates sobre reformadores

The more you buy, the less you pay. The bocks of 10 are valid for 12 weeks; if you buy 20, they expire after half a year; when you go for a block of 30, they last for as long as you need. 


A regular exercise routine is fundamental, but peace of mind when things happen unexpectedly is also essential.

Mat from £10
Circuit from £35
Duet from £45
Private from £75

In October we are celebrating our Reopening,

contact us for our Opening Sale price list.

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07922 111 284 

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